8 tips and tricks to get your kids to brush their teeth

tips for kids to brush their teeth







There are a number of activities that as humans we have to take part in (taking baths, eating veggies and brushing our teeth) For most children (and some adults!), these don’t seem to be activities they enjoy, and sometimes a bit of encouragement is needed.

So how do you get your child to brush their teeth without it taking an hour of your time and you dancing around the bathroom like Iggle Piggle to steer away from the fact they are brushing their teeth?

  1. Telling a 5 year old child to brush their teeth because ‘they have to’ probably isn’t going to get them racing to the bathroom. Using a story or a reason such as sugar bugs that they need to brush away, will make a lot more sense in a child’s mind.
  2. Using a dissolvent agent (available at pharmacy’s) can be a fun way for children to brush their teeth. A dissolvent agent is a sweet/tablet that you eat and all the bacteria will show up in a different colour, you then brush till the colour is gone.
  3. Train Wheels. Getting your child to brush their teeth like ‘choo choo’ train wheels will ensure they are brushing their teeth correctly and makes it more enjoying (almost like the aeroplane when feeding vegetables)
  4. The more you brush your teeth, the more bubbles appear. Seeing who can make the most bubbles will encourage them to brush their teeth as much as possible.
  5. There are now loads of apps that you can get which your children put on while brushing their teeth. A cartoon character will come on screen and brush it’s teeth with the child for the right amount of time. See the bottom of the article for apps and tootbrushes that will help your children
  6. So we make think that bubblegum and strawberry toothpaste is way too sweet and isn’t our preffered toothpaste. However this is like heaven for children, not only will it taste like their favourite sweets, allowing them to choose their toothpaste and flavour will give them a sense of independence.
  7. Brushing mate. Does your child have a favourite toy or teddy bear? Get them to bring it into the bathroom in the morning and evening and allow them to brush their teeth with their best teddy friend
  8. Always give your child praise and recognition for brushing their teeth. Give them rewards like 10 minutes more of TV after school or tell them how lovely their smile looks.


So that’s just a few tips on how you can get your child to brush their teeth. Some helpful websites, toothbrushes and apps are listed below. And remember if you are still struggling, your dentist is always there for help!

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