Adult Orthodontics Lancashire – A Comprehensive Service

Adult OrthodonticsLancashire Dental offer a professional and comprehensive orthodontic service, dramatically improving both appearance and function of the mouth and the rest of the face. Our highly-skilled team utilise a variety of methods to achieve these results on adults as well as children, the most common orthodontic patients.

The word orthodontic comes from Greek and means ‘correct’ (or straight) teeth. The specialist branch of dentistry treats malocclusions, which are irregularities or misalignments in the contact between teeth. These irregularities can happen for a variety of reasons, including crowded or crooked teeth. As our mouths are so prominent in our faces, it is difficult to disguise crooked or misaligned teeth, leading to the sufferer losing confidence in their appearance along with the attendant negative mental effects this brings.

Managing and repairing these deviations from the correct alignment of the teeth and jaws can be carried out using many methods, of which perhaps the most well-known are removable or fixed braces. Using these and other dental techniques, an orthodontist aims to create the most healthy and functional bite possible, which improves appearance and confidence as well as helping the teeth be more resistant to disease.

Around 130,000 English and Welsh patients per year (mostly children from the age of 11) are fitted with braces under the NHS. Despite the high proportion of young people receiving the treatment, there are still many adults who can benefit from the services of a professional orthodontist. Lancashire Dental offer a private adult orthodontics service that has been specifically tailored, taking into account the increased bone density of older people as compared to that of children. As with all of our services, a clear consultation will first be provided in order to fully explain all treatment options.

Did you know we also offer a cosmetic solution for brace work? We can use state of the art tooth coloured ceramic brackets to straighten teeth or almost invisible clear aligners to make your orthodontic treatment less visible.

For more information on the adult orthodontics service provided by our Blackburn dentists, please contact us on 01254 51579 or email info@lancashiredental.co.uk.

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March 2021
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