Braces Treatment – Lucy

“I had really wonky teeth, they were ridiculous. All this side were behind my front teeth so I wanted braces from when I was 16, but obviously at that age you don’t really want braces. So, I was 28 when I came in for braces, just to fix my smile.

The dentist that treated me was amazing, so kind, thoughtful and obviously with all my worries just put my mind at ease. The overall treatment was, I couldn’t fault it, I was looked after, seen regularly, any queries I had were cleared up pretty much straight away. I got my smile so I’m happy.

The benefits after my treatment for me are definitely confidence, smiling a lot more, not hiding my smile. Yes I just feel like I can be me a little bit more.

My advice to patients thinking of having the treatment done is just go for it, drop the fear and just turn up and make an appointment. When I first saw my smile, it was a little bit weird as I had been used to having braces or wonky teeth beforehand, but I got used to it in the end. Now I can’t stop smiling.