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Importance of regular dentist appointments

Why should you go to dentist appointments regularly?   Going to  dentist appointments  every six months isn’t what most people look forward to but is essential for correct oral hygiene.   Going to the dentist regularly can help:   Keeping cavities away If plaque is removed in the early stages it can get rid of […]

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Woman with hypersensitive teeth eating ice lolly

Sensitive Teeth – The Seven Major Causes

Do you have Sensitive Teeth? Here are the seven main ways in which tooth sensitivity is caused to help you make sure your teeth do not start or continue to suffer from the painful condition. Tooth sensitivity that causes pain occurs when dentin, the underlying layer of the tooth, is exposed from its covering of […]

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Lots of sweets pic and mix

Sugar Free September!

We are supporting Sugar Free September (#SugarFreeSeptember) here at our Lancashire Dental Practices. Sugar-Free September is all about giving up the sugars that are added to our foods and drinks (these are called extrinsic sugars if you’re interested in the sciency bit). We already have more than enough sugar in our diets from naturally-occurring sources […]

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sugared strawberries

Lancashire Dental Welcome the Sugar Swaps Initiative

The government’s Change4Life campaign has launched a new initiative in a bid to reduce the worrying amount of sugar consumed by UK citizens, particularly children. Branded ‘Sugar Swaps’, the initiative shows how making just a few simple changes to your diet can have massive benefits to your family’s health. On average, adults and children in […]

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January 2021
We continue to remain OPEN during the new lockdown and wish to inform you that
travel for dental care is allowed under the new lockdown rules.

We are continuing to do everything we can to keep you and our teams safe and protected.