Denplan Fees

If you would like to become a member of Denplan, you would first require a initial check-up to assess how much ‘work’ there is to do. The aim is to complete any treatment required to become dentally fit. This is all done on a private basis, as patients cannot join Denplan unless upon joining they are dentally fit.

Once all required treatment had been completed, your dentist will assign you into a Denplan band. The band you go in will depend upon the condition of the mouth, and how many restorations are present. For example: How many fillings / crowns you have.

Please also note that a £15.00 one off registration fee will apply when signing up to any Denplan membership.



January 2021
We continue to remain OPEN during the new lockdown and wish to inform you that
travel for dental care is allowed under the new lockdown rules.

We are continuing to do everything we can to keep you and our teams safe and protected.