Dental Bridge – Lorraine

“The problem I had before my treatment, so the reason for coming here, was that I had a bridge that was quite old. It was filling a gap where I had a missing tooth and it had been refitted a few times, so I needed something that would look better and hold better and be a better colour match as well. So that’s what I needed.

My thoughts on the dentist that treated me that he was really professional, really kind and calm as he is doing the treatment. As a lot of people are nervous when they come to have treatment done at the dentist- I certainly am. He did a fantastic job; it looks good and the appointments were quite speedy as well.

The advice I’d give to patients thinking of having treatment done is to certainly at least have an initial consultation, just to talk it through, then you know what your options are and it seems there is a range of good options, no matter what your issue is, so it would be worth doing.

I certainly would recommend the practice to others. Reason being is its relatively easy to get appointments which certainly isn’t the case everywhere, including last minute ones. The quality of the treatment is excellent and the staff themselves are nice, kind and welcoming, whether it’s the reception staff or the dentists themselves.

When I first saw the way my smile looked after my treatment, I definitely felt like it was an improvement on the fitting I had in there before. So cosmetically, it’s a much better result than I had before.