Dental Bridge Patient – Nicola

“The problem I had before treatment; I had a tooth missing at the front of my mouth, so I had bridge work done to cover the gap. Dentists here are fantastic, they make you feel welcome, if you’re nervous they make you feel calm: they are really good. The benefits of having treatment is I can eat properly now, I can smile and laugh, just a lot easier.

The advice I would give to patients is I think this is the best dentist in Blackburn, they are very caring; they look after you, they explain things to you and it’s a really good practice. I would definitely recommend the practice to others and I have done, because you get looked after, you get explained what the treatment is, the price is, everything, its just a brilliant practice.

The first time I saw my smile, it was, I was shocked actually. I used to put my hand over my mouth to smile or talk, but now I feel confident enough to not do that anymore.”

January 2021
We continue to remain OPEN during the new lockdown and wish to inform you that
travel for dental care is allowed under the new lockdown rules.

We are continuing to do everything we can to keep you and our teams safe and protected.