Dental Bridge Patient – Nicola

“The problem I had before treatment; I had a tooth missing at the front of my mouth, so I had bridge work done to cover the gap. Dentists here are fantastic, they make you feel welcome, if you’re nervous they make you feel calm: they are really good. The benefits of having treatment is I can eat properly now, I can smile and laugh, just a lot easier.

The advice I would give to patients is I think this is the best dentist in Blackburn, they are very caring; they look after you, they explain things to you and it’s a really good practice. I would definitely recommend the practice to others and I have done, because you get looked after, you get explained what the treatment is, the price is, everything, its just a brilliant practice.

The first time I saw my smile, it was, I was shocked actually. I used to put my hand over my mouth to smile or talk, but now I feel confident enough to not do that anymore.”