Dental Crowns – Joanne

“The problem I had before treatment was on one of my crowns, my gums were receding. So, they looked very dark at the top, practically black, so when I smiled, it looked like I had black teeth at the top. This obviously made me feel uncomfortable and less confident. So, when I spoke to Alex, he said we can put crowns in but white ones instead so if the gums receded again it would be white not black. So that’s why I had the treatment, to make it look more cosmetically appealing.

Alex who treated me made me feel really reassured when I came in to have this new crown. He explained everything to me. He is quite a funny chap, so he does make you feel at ease. His dental nurse Allison is also very friendly and also puts you at ease. I do feel comfortable when I come to see them both.

I would recommend this practice to others just due to the atmosphere, the friendliness, they keep you updated and reassure you. Just a nice practice from start to finish, from the receptionist, hygienist, dentist and all staff are friendly. So yes, I would 100% recommend this practice.

When I first saw my smile, I was elated. I had the crown done, which got rid of the black and he had also filed them down, so they didn’t look as bulbous. It was just amazing, and I’ve also had the airflow done which got rid of the stubborn stains at the bottom. I beamed; I was just beaming!