Dental Implants – Jason

“So I had a missing front tooth and then I had 4 or 5 missing rear teeth, 1 gold crown and that’s all I had. I was basically chewing and heavily dependent on that tooth which was causing me pain, causing me ulcers and abscesses, basically it was uncomfortable.

My feelings on the overall treatment was that it went very well. It started off with a consultation with Matthew and then it was scheduled where I received all the information of what was going to happen. He then gave me a detailed breakdown on costing, and appointment times and what was going to go on through each appointment.

Every appointment that I went to, Matthew relaxed me, calmed me down as well as Wendy, she was there for every appointment as well. The one that caused me the most concern at the time was the one where I was going to have surgery work done and the aesthetic was going to come. Matthew calmed me down, I’m not going to say I wasn’t problematic on that situation as I was, but I found everything very, very good from start to finish, and I have no hesitation in recommending Matthew and Ewood dental practice.

The benefits, since I have had the operation done and the treatment done is that I now have a perfect smile and I also find it very easy now to eat my food. I have no problems with my rear teeth and a lot of people comment on what a nice smile I’ve got. Very few people comment and ask if I’ve had any work done because I’ve gone for a more natural look and overall, I’m just very happy with it.