Dentistry for Children and Babies

With the new term approaching, have you made sure your children’s dental check-ups are up to date?

Childrens and Halloween

Making sure that children learn a good oral healthcare routine at an early age is essential, laying down the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Experts in paediatric dentistry recommend that a child’s first visit to the dentist should happen when the child is just one year old.

When children start seeing a dentist from a very early age, they quickly become used to the various equipment and processes (such as being in a specialised moving dentist chair and holding open their mouth voluntarily) and any potential future anxiety is dramatically alleviated. After their first checkup at a year old, a child will then have another visit a year later before a more regular check-up routine is established.

One of the major factors that can cause a child to be anxious of dental treatment is fear of the unknown. The professional team at our Colne and Blackburn dentists are highly-experienced in providing dental care for children, explaining in a calm, clear and sensitive manner the various dental instruments and what they are used for. Of course, each child will receive a classic ‘I Was Brave at the Dentist’ type sticker to wear after their treatment!

Baby teeth (also known as milk teeth) begin to fall out when a child is around seven years of age, though in some cases this can happen anywhere between the ages of six and twelve. Regular visits to Lancashire Dental will then take place, ensuring that the oral health of the child is maintained and that their new adult teeth, which will never be naturally replaced, are correctly aligned.

Establishing a comprehensive dental routine for a child as early as possible is essential, instilling a habit that can then continue into their adult life. Teach your child to brush their teeth twice a day, explain and demonstrate daily flossing to them and ensure they have a good understanding of what foods and drinks can affect the health of their teeth. This essential information will, when learned at such an early age, never be forgotten.

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