Don’t put cavities on your Christmas list this year

Christmas is a holiday packed with lots of sugar food and drinks, which can badly affect your oral health. Here some tips over the Christmas holidays to keep your oral health intact.


  1. Offer an alternative to sweets… 

    Sugary foods activate the bacteria that live in our mouths. Rather than filling the table with sweets, chocolates and candy canes you can pick some alternatives such as; carrot sticks, celery and nuts! With some yummy dips everyone can enjoy.

  1. Lots and Lots of water… 

    Making sure there is lots of water available for all the friends and family to eat will help them wash away all the residue of sweets and sugar from their teeth. Also, a lot of the time people think they are hungry, but really, they are dehydrated. Keep hydrated to avoid eating for no reason.

  1. Keep busy… 

    Over Christmas the children are off school, and adults off work. This means everyone has lots of time and when bored, people tend to eat. Organise lots of outings or family games to keep everyone busy and off the sweeties.


While all this is good for your Oral Health you still need to have fun and enjoy Christmas, just try to avoid indulging on lots of sugar (as much as you can!)

If you should need to book an appointment in the New Year we are back to normal working hours from the 2nd January, please contact the reception on the appropriate number:


For Ewood House: 01254 515579

For The Dental Centre: 01254 261730

For Albert House: 01282 863830

Merry Christmas from the Lancashire Dental Team.

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