An Easy Route to Private Dental Treatment – Denplan Essentials


Lots of people have been getting in touch with us to find out about Denplan, after a nationwide TV campaign called Do it for Your Selfie. You can gain quick access to the Denplan scheme with us and start enjoying the benefits right away – one of the most popular packages is Denplan Essentials and here we look at what’s included in the plan.

Private dental treatment is made affordable and accessible with Denplan, allowing you to spread the cost and keep your oral health in optimum condition. Denplan Essentials includes:

  • Worldwide Dental Insurance – Wherever you choose to travel, you can rest assured that you are fully covered and insured for dental injuries and emergencies. Generous cover amounts include up to £10,000 for dental injuries, £400 per incident for dental emergencies in the UK (£450 when abroad), £62 per night for hospital stays and up to £12,000 towards the cost of a course of treatment for mouth cancer (this includes smokers)
  • Emergency Helpline Access – Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Denplan emergency helpline is there when you need it most. Wherever you are, from Blackburn to Brazil, you can get in touch with the helpline staff who will quickly, calmly and efficiently get you in touch with the closest source of help available.
  • Check Up Visits – Denplan Essentials allows patients two check up visits, essential for spotting any problems as early as possible
  • Hygiene Visits – Equally important, these visits to our dedicated dental hygienist will ensure your oral health remains in peak condition, with scaling/polishing along with advice on preventative dental care.
  • X-Rays – Sometimes, we need to look a little deeper into dental problems and the x-rays that allow us to do this successfully are covered under Denplan Essentials.
  • Fee Reductions – Any treatment carried out will cost 15% less than the regular price.

You can start the joining process today by booking in with us for an initial consultation. Call our team now and enjoy better oral health for a lifetime with Denplan Essentials.


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