Oktay Osmanov

Dentist DDM Master of Dentistry in Sofia

GDC Registration number: 184995

Lancashire Dental are very pleased to welcome Dr Oktay Osmanov a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics. Oktay graduated in 2005 with a DDM Master of Dentistry in Sofia.
At university, he was part of a student research group practising Endodontics, whilst studying, he volunteered as an assistant in oral surgery in a hospital.

After graduation, he became a practice owner in the capital city Sofia. In 2010 Oktay moved to the UK and worked for the NHS until May 2015. He then moved to a private dental practice where he worked as a private dentist with a special interest in Endodontics. Oktay has been accepting dental referrals since 2013.

2012 Advanced endo practical 7 hrs.
2013 Rotary endo sendoline training two parts 7 hrs each – J Bedford.
2015 Year-long practical advanced endo diploma training, completed January 2016 – Alyn Morgan, S Bhandery and J Bedford.
Nov 2016 Bioceramics 7 hrs practical course in Leicester.
Dec 2017 16 hrs practical course in Mandec Manchester dental hospital – retreatments and root surgery.
2018 endo retreatment and core build contemporary aspects – S Bhandery -sonic fill.

Routinely using magnification loupes x4.5 and illumination. Endodontic ultrasonic use. Rotary reciprocating systems. Apex locators. Bioceramic andbiodentine materials. Surgical aspects of endodontic cases – moderate difficulty.

Oktay welcomes referrals for all Endodontic treatment but especially cases you may find challenging or impossible to complete including retreatment, sclerosed canal management and complex anatomy. You or your patient may consider referral for a more routine case to maximise successful outcome, to free up your clinical time for other types of dentistry or reduce the stress and time pressures of carrying out lengthy difficult treatment. Patients can expect a friendly welcome and will receive a provisional treatment plan. Oktay will always keep the referring dentists informed of the ongoing treatment and give detailed written instructions about aftercare requirements.

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