Plamen Murzov

DDM Sofia 2007

GDC Registration number: 169468

I was born on the 30/01/1982 in the town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. As both of my parents are dentists I was introduced to the profession from an early age and I watched them build their private practice over the years. After finishing the Math and Science High school in my home town I moved to the capital Sofia to study Dentistry. I graduated in July 2007 and joined my family’s practice straightaway.

In September 2008 I got married and shortly after that took the opportunity to move to the UK as that was an excellent career path for both me and my wife who is a medical doctor. Since I have worked in various dental practices in the North West and in late 2018 joined the Lancashire Dental.

Over the years I developed a special interest in the Ethical side of the Cosmetic dentistry where instead of grinding and drilling teeth down to fit veneers or crowns the focus is on anterior teeth alignment, teeth whitening and composite anterior cosmetic restorations. I have attended courses to gain skills in Short Term orthodontics such as Six Months Smiles and Invisalign as I strongly believe that is the future of our profession.

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Plamen Murzov


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