Four Easy Ways to Get Whiter Teeth – Permanently

Dental Hygienist
Take one good mouthful of soot or mud and rub vigorously all over the teeth for a cost-effective temporary blackening effect. For a darker, more dramatic effect, the lucky few can rub the teeth with pure sugar – those pearly-whites will be as black as midnight and the envy of everyone! Strange as it may seem to us now, this was the kind of advice once offered to people who wanted to be right on trend with the blackest, most repulsive teeth around (black teeth meant you could afford sugar and hence had the prestige of the wealthy). Sound good to you?

In a complete (and very welcome!) reversal, people today prefer their teeth to be gleaming, white and shiny, reflecting just how healthy and well looked-after they are. How can you get your teeth in this fabulous condition? Follow our four tips for sparkling smile success!

  • Go Pro – the best place to start is by booking a tooth whitening appointment with our expert team. Utilising the latest, safest and most reliable Philips technology, we can totally transform your teeth either immediately in the surgery or gradually with a bespoke range of products in the comfort of your own home. Never allow anyone other than a qualified dental professional, who is also currently registered with the GDC, to provide you with any dental treatment whatsoever. They are breaking the law and could cause serious, lasting injury and/or disfigurement
  • Feel the Fruit – though fruit does contain natural sugars, the many other benefits it has make it still far preferable to the refined sugars found in sweets and soft drinks. Crunchy fruits have a good level of abrasiveness to help clean the tooth surface without damaging it plus there are plenty of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen bone and enamel. To aid natural whitening, try strawberries and apples, both of which contain whitening agent malic acid. Pineapple is also recommended as the enzyme it contains (bromelain) is a good stain-remover
  • Sip through Straws – lots of drinks can contribute to stains, from tea & coffee to our favourite fruit juices. Simply using a straw can help keep much of the liquid from coming into contact with teeth, preventing staining
  • Delight in Dairy – cheese, yogurt and low-fat milk are all great for teeth, containing all sorts of goodies from calcium to phosphorous, both of which help promote the remineralisation of tooth enamel

Ready to take the first step? We are waiting to take your call, during which we will explain all you need to know, answer any questions you may have and book you into one of our three modern surgeries across the region. Have a look at our teeth whitening page and get ready for the smile of a lifetime!

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