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Dental veneers are extremely popular, with patients all over the world opting for the cosmetic dentistry procedure. Like teeth whitening, the process of applying veneers is surprisingly old – created in 1928, it is a form of cosmetic dentistry based on such a simple yet effective idea that it has never lost its popularity. Of course, the process has been dramatically improved since back in the 20s and we offer a comfortable, contemporary and comprehensive veneers service to our patients.

When the Hollywood as we know today really got going, directors started to become increasingly concerned about the appearance of their celebrated actors and actresses on the big screen. One film crew went to the trouble of hiring a dentist – Charles Pincus – to design a method that could alter the way performers looked. Pincus’s brief also demanded that the process he designed should be able to take place quickly, effectively and above all, safely.

Pincus quickly recognised the wider market appeal of his invention and, along with many others to follow, worked tirelessly to refine and optimise dental veneers and their application. Today, it is considered to be one of the safest cosmetic dentistry procedures – but only when carried out by a qualified dental practitioner registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).

Our Dental Veneers service:

  • Suitable for both small- and large-scale treatments – whether you require a veneer for a single problematic tooth or wish to completely makeover your mouth, our dental technicians have the skill, experience and knowledge to deliver the best bespoke treatment
  • Usually completed in just two appointments – the first appointment will allow us to expertly prepare your gums and teeth-edges for the oncoming treatment, as well as letting us obtain impressions when this essential preparation is complete. Before you come for your second appointment, your unique, brand new veneers will be constructed and, when you arrive to see us again, our private dentist will fit them painlessly in. We will check everything feels and looks alright for you and invite you to come back for a checkup soon to see how everything’s going
  • Simple and hassle-free – you won’t usually need a temporary veneer between appointments and you can relax safe in the knowledge that no anaesthetic (and therefore no injection) will be required at any point. Getting veneers from us was described by one patient as ‘like getting false nails’!
  • Available with our signature combination of complete professionalism and fair pricing – when you check out our solid dental credentials, you will be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable, attractive numbers on our private dentist fee list

Got questions about veneers or any other kind of cosmetic dentistry? To find out the answers and arrange your first appointment to start your journey to a happier smile, give our team a call today.


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March 2021
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