Happy Valentine’s Day from Lancashire Dental Blackburn

Valentines Day Dental

Romance is in the air and if you are one of the lucky people who is going on a date with a special someone this February 14th, check out our handy tips for keeping your mouth looking and feeling kissable all night long!

The custom of celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’ began with Valentinus, a minister who refused to obey the law and continued to provide Christian wedding services during the rule of the Roman Empire. While jailed for his activities, he is said to have healed the ill daughter of his jailer and then fallen in love with her. Before being taken off to his execution, the lovestruck minister left a note to his beloved, signed simply, ‘from your Valentine’, a phrase we still use on Valentine cards to this day.

Hopefully your Valentine’s date won’t be as tragically exciting as all that but you definitely want to have a romantic time. Follow our simple smooch guide!

Before the Date

Act now and you could be booked in for the fantastic Lancashire Dental tooth whitening service, which uses state-of-the-art technology to provide immediate results. Once those teeth are perfectly pearly-white in time for the big day, have a good brush and floss shortly before you meet your Valentine so you’re ready to flash that winning smile. A touch of red lippy will help ladies get an even brighter glow from their teeth!

Heading Out

So, where is the big date to be? Wherever it is – bar, restaurant, cinema – it is likely to involve food and drink so make sure you are prepared. Take a pack of sugar-free gum with you to chew after eating or drinking and make sure you have plenty of water along with any alcohol or soft drinks. Avoid red wine, black coffee, popcorn, onions and garlic bread!

End of the Night

Studies show that at least one in ten adults regularly forget to brush their teeth, a figure that jumps to a shocking (but not surprising) four in ten when those adults have drunk alcohol that evening. Be sure to drink a glass of water to stave off a hangover but do this before brushing as rinsing out the mouth with water can wash away the active ingredients in toothpaste.

The Morning After

Hopefully you will have had a fab night and will wake up with a big smile ready to start the day. Your mouth is especially dry in the morning so start with a glass of water to wake up your mouth too! Get straight back to your normal healthy oral healthcare routine, which should include regular visits to your dentist along with proper brushing and flossing.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all at Lancashire Dental.

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