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Meet the team here at Lancashire Dental. All of our team put the patients first and want to make your experience with us as pleasing as possible. We hope you receive the best service possible. If you have had a good experience with one of our team you can leave us a testimonial here, we love positive feedback. If you would like to make any other comments or complaints regarding the practice or team members you can do that here, we take all comments very seriously. Thank you and we hope you like getting to know our team a little better!

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Accrington Rd
Ewood House
  • Lancashire-dental -stephen Matterson
    Stephen Matterson
  • John-varley
    John Varley
  • Lancashire-dental-Karl-Tuzio
    Karl Tuzio
  • Jeremy Dobson
    Jeremy Dobson
  • lancashire-dental-Sarmad Twaij
    Sarmad Twaij
  • Aleksander Stogierak
    Aleksander Stogiera
  • Plamen Murzov Lancashire Dental
    Plamen Murzov
  • team-altaf-a-n
    Altaf A. Natha
  • Lydia Kama Dentist
    Lydia Kama
  • Lancashire-dental-matthew-gormally
    Matthew Gormally
  • Nazneen Ismail
    Nazneen Ismail
  • Jabir Duale
    Jabir Duale
  • Lancashire-dental-Emily-Ferguson
    Emily Ferguson
  • Lancashire-dental-Natalie-Nixon-Dental-Therapist
    Natalie Nixon
  • Lancashire-dental-Lisa-Snaith
    Lisa Snaith
  • Lancashire-dental-Christine-Cullen
    Christine Cullen
  • Lancashire-dental-Emma-Brearley
    Emma Brearley
  • Lancashire-dental-Michelle-Whalley
    Michelle Whalley
  • Lancashire-dental-Carol-Perkins-Manager
    Carol Perkins
  • Natalie Donegani Fordham
    Natalie Donegani Fordham
  • Kathryn Spencer - Lancashire Dental
    Kathryn Spencer
  • Sarah Harrison Lancashire Dental
    Sarah Harrison
  • Jo Fleet Lancashire Dental
    Jo Fleet
  • Lancashire-dental-wendy-holden
    Wendy Holden
  • Katrina Lawrenson Treatment co-ordinator
    Katrina Lawrenson
  • Lancashire-dental-michelle-williams
    Michelle Williams
  • Lancashire-dental-linzi-tiffin
    Linzi Tiffin
  • Lancashire-dental-catherine-salmon
    Catherine Salmon
  • Lancashire-dental-Joanne-Clarke
    Joanne Clarke
  • Lancashire-dental-karen-shorrock
    Karen Shorrock
  • Lancashire-dental-vicky-salmon
    Vicky Salmon
  • Lancashire-dental-Collette Short
    Collette Short
  • Lancashire-dental-claire-hartley
    Claire Hartley
  • Lancashire-dental-Alison Phelan
    Alison Phelan
  • Lancashire-dental-Denise Dunkerley
    Denise Dunkerley
  • Lancashire-dental-Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed
  • Lancashire-dental-Bernie Darwin
    Bernie Darwin
  • Lancashire-dental-Mehnaz Kouser
    Mehnaz Kouser
  • Lancashire-dental-Wendy Threlfall
    Wendy Threlfall
  • Lancashire-dental-Leonie Seery
    Leonie Seery
  • Lancashire-dental-Rachael Schofield
    Rachael Schofield
  • hafsa-khan Lancashire Dental
    Hafsa Khan
  • Grace honeyman - Lancashire Dental
    Grace Honeyman
  • Leo Smith Dental Nurse
    Leo Smith
  • Melanie Fisher Dental Nurse
    Melanie Fisher
  • Vicky Gray Lancashire Dental
    Vicky Gray