Sedation Referrals

We welcome your sedation referrals to Lancashire Dental & Orthodontics.

The practice offers Intravenous sedation mainly for implants, minor oral surgery and extractions.

Our Treatment Co-ordinator liaises with patients who have been referred to ensure all questions are answered and is available before and after treatment to ensure patients are kept at ease and given a good patient journey.

The patient would be invited in for an initial consultation to ensure that they are suitable for sedation and would be provided with a treatment plan including it.  If the patient decides to go ahead, then they are booked in for the appointments needed.  If it is a patient that has been referred, on completion of their treatment we will send a report to the referring dentist.

We look after patients:

  • A team that truly cares for them
  • A bespoke personal service
  • A full range of modern dental treatments
  • A comfortable, pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing environment


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Sedation Referral

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