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Advanced Restorations improve the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. Having missing or broken teeth can not only impact on self confidence but can also impact on your lifestyle.

Missing or damaged teeth can affect you in many ways. You may be unhappy with your smile or appearance and have problems biting into certain foods. Gaps in the teeth can create problems with speech and change the shape of your face. Missing teeth also create problems with regards to gum disease as food build up in the gaps can further encourage the development of gum disease (also known as periodontal)

Whether you have one tooth missing or a few, or maybe you have a tooth that has been badly damaged; there is a treatment plan for you. This could include any of the following treatments that are classed as advanced restorations:

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Having all your teeth present can put the enjoyment back in to many things such as eating, while also giving you back the confidence of a full smile.

Advanced restorations options vary depending on individual preference and the treatment options your dentist feels are suitable.

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