General Dental Fees 2018

Please see below for details of our private dental fees. Patients on Denplan should note that they will pay laboratory fees only (subject to their Denplan contract). For details on laboratory fees, please contact your practice.

For all Denture enquiries, please contact your nearest practice.

New Patient Examination £67
Routine Examination £46
Scale & Polish £50
Prescription £10
X-ray (small) £11
X-ray (Panoral) £44
Fillings (amalgam) From £44 to £100
Fillings (white) From £70 to £153
Extractions From £77
Root Fillings – Incisor From £169
Root Fillings – Premolar From £252
Root Fillings – Molar From £345
Crowns – Metal Based From £412
Crowns – Metal Free From £578
Dentures F/F From £731
Dentures Partial From £317
Tooth Whitening – Zoom £360
Tooth Whitening – Home Kit £293
Crown Re-cement From £44
Denture repairs From £42
Implants Please request Implant price list
Orthdontics Please see Orthodontic price list.

Please note: Fee guides should be used as a guide only and may be liable to change depending on individual cases.