Removable Braces

What is a removable brace?

A removable brace is a type of brace that is worn full time and only taken out when for the purpose of cleaning. The appliance is made up of an acrylic plate with metal components that keep the appliance in place as well as re-positioning the teeth.

What are removable braces used for?

A removable appliance can be used for various reasons; It can often be part of fixed appliance treatment, by way of preparing the teeth for the fixed brace to be put on. Removable braces are also used for simple tooth movements, for example if there is a top tooth trapped behind a bottom tooth, a removable brace can correct this. Another use for the removable type of brace is to deter thumb sucking. Thumb sucking can cause the teeth to push forward – the brace makes it uncomfortable and also prevents the movement of the teeth until the habit has banished.

Speech interference usually only occurs for the first week of wear, and is minimal after this time period. The comfort of the brace depends upon the extent of re-positioning, and any discomfort with the removable appliance will be minimal and should only occur in the first week of wear.

Removable Brace

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