The job of a retainer is to keep teeth in the correct place so that orthodontic treatment is not reversed. In most cases after orthodontic intervention, teeth once an appliance is removed, the teeth will revert back to their original position. This is why its important after undergoing the main orthodontic treatment that you wear a retainer as instructed by your orthodontist.

There are three types of retainer that we offer, details of which are listed below:

Types of Retainer

Hawley RetainerA Hawley retainer would be worn full time for approximately the first 12 months after your main appliance has been removed. The retainer is to be worn full time and should only be taken out for the purpose of cleaning. You will usually then be instructed to wear your retainer nocturnally for approximately 6 months further. All time frames for wearing retainers may vary, and are individual to each case. Some of the reasons why your dentist may prescribe you with a Hawley retainer are lack of room for a fixed retainer or poor oral hygiene.
Fixed RetainerTo have fixed retainers, there must be enough room present in the mouth so that you do not bite down on the wires (which could cause damage to the retainer). A fixed retainer is a thin piece of wire that is bonded permanently on the upper and/or lower front teeth (Anterior) It may be possible that you have room for a fixed retainer of your top teeth, but only room for a Hawley retainer on your bottom, the two can sometimes be worn in unison.
Tru – Tain RetainerTru-tain retainers are usually the choice of patients who do not want a visible retainer over their teeth. They are created by taking impressions of your newly alligned teeth and having moulds made from clear pressure formed plastic material. Tru-Tain retainers, although more aesthetically pleasing, are not as strong as the Hawley or fixed retainers. Tru – Tain retainers are available on a private basis.

Fixed Retainer Appliances
Essix Retainer Appliances

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