We are in practice because of our patients, so we are always delighted when we receive testimonials. It lets us know how we are doing and presents a tried and tested view to our prospective clients.

We are always happy to hear from our patients.

“Since moving to Blackburn, my family have always been looked after by Mr John Varley who is a wonderful dentist. He has looked after my teeth and miraculously saved me from losing them. He has never hurt me. Believe me, previous dentists where I used to live have.
The dental nurses are all very nice especially the lovely Wendy.
The lady who cleans and polishes my teeth is the best yet.
We signed up to Denplan and are getting excellent value for money”

Geoff Inward, Retired chief biomedical scientist

“Thank you to Mr Varley and staff at Ewood Dental Surgery for helping me to smile again, couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you again from me and my family.”
Geoff Holmes

“Having always had an inexplicable and unjustified fear of dental surgeries, the thought of having dental implants was daunting. X rays had indicated that six implants were necessary, together with some bridgework. Sensitive and sympathetic to my concerns, Mark was very reassuring and explained the process fully. The decision was made and over the following few months, I had several appointments all of which were relaxed and completely painless. Mark was clearly a skilled perfectionist who paid much attention to detail.
As the end of my treatment was approaching, I was able to visit Matrix, the dental laboratory where the final crowns were being produced, so that any minor adjustments could be made. The work of their technicians is of outstanding quality.
Finally, my new teeth were expertly fitted onto the implants by my regular dentist, Gordon Biltcliffe, who had liaised with Mark from the outset. I am delighted with the results. They look and feel natural, and at last I am able to go away on holiday without fear of losing a front tooth with the first bite into French bread! My thanks to Mark, Gordon and the rest of the team for their support and excellent treatment throughout”

M Foulds

“I came in for a scale and polish last night and I just wanted to email you to say what a great job the lady has done.
I’ve been coming to your surgery now for a long time and I’ve got to say that was the best scale and polish I’ve had. She really has cleaned them thoroughly and there are no stains left anywhere.
Please can you pass this compliment onto the hygienist who performed the scale and polish

D Knight

“I always said to Mark Edmundson i could not put into words to show my appreciation for what he, Carlos and all the wonderful dental nurses had done for me. But I feel I have to try and tell the world how you have all changed my life. I have gone from a self conscious woman afraid to smile or laugh in public, to someone who now shows how happy I am outwardly. I have the confidence to smile on photographs and laugh out loud without putting my hand up to my mouth. Once again I can’t thank you all enough especially Mark and Carlos for putting me so at ease with your patience and professionalism. I have and would not hesitate in recommending you all”
Marie Pickup

“18 months ago I found myself visiting my regular dentist with increasing regularity and even as a child such trips were always the stuff of nightmares. It was obvious to all that continually re cementing crowns for the next 30 years was not really an option .So it was with some reluctance that I was finally convinced to consult with Mark Edmondson the implant guru!!

Even the phrase ‘implant’ was enough to send shivers down my spine especially when clarity emerged and we were looking at 7 of them!! Bone grafts, bridgework, extractions –the images going round in my mind at that point were horrendous. Still, Mark assured me that he and his team would ‘’manage me through the whole process’’ and it would be probably uncomfortable at certain points but not as painful as I was imagining. Yeah, right, heard all that before!!

And so the inevitable process began-it had to really, not through vanity particularly but more because my teeth needed a solution that didn’t involve dental trips every other month for the rest of my life. I’d read all about places where it could be done in a day etc etc. How often do quick fixes ever stand the test of time? If you want something doing properly, then get the experts to do it.

For the tricky bits, Mark recommended sedation, probably recognising that I had the pain threshold of a six year old. After the first couple of trips into dreamland and never feeling a thing I was ready to take on the 4 hour ‘’biggy’’ of the grafting and implant insertions. I turned up actually completely at ease with something that months earlier, I could never have believed would be possible. I emerged having been told this would be the most painful part of the whole thing and that 2 weeks off work would be the order of the day because of swelling more than pain. I went home waiting for the pain to hit and the swelling to become grotesque. Two days later I was still waiting, and whilst there was some swelling for a day or two it was nothing like what I prepared myself for and I actually felt a touch disappointed that this mega project I had built up in my mind was hardly anything at all. What a wuss!!

And so, the treatment continued as things settled down and I found myself actually looking forward to going and getting my problem finally sorted.

Today I paid my final visit to Mark, the final sign off if you like. My mouth feels re born, fresh and fantastic. I am so glad I went through with this.

Like so many things, you build them up to be something they never are and I smile to myself when people comment on my bravery, and how they could never go through something like that. If only they really knew that actually it was nothing of the sort. Now I smile and just let them believe it but now it’s a confident smile!!
Thanks to Mark and his team. An awesome job .If you are not sure, neither was I, but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.”

“May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful service, care, consideration and excellent treatments carried out at your practice. All the staff are extremely friendly, courteous and welcoming at all levels.
Particular thanks to Carlos, Karen and his nurses for their care and dedication to myself and now my husband. I moved as a patient to the practice in November after becoming disillusioned by my former dental practice, and it is the best move I have ever made. My dental problems have been challenging for Carlos to say the least but he has used his expertise to secure an outcome I would not have thought possible.
In addition, the humour, chat and laughs (even during difficult extractions) have been truly uplifting. I cannot thank you all enough and would not have any hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone.”

“Just wanted to say a great big thank you to Carlos my dentist for my filling today. I am normally extremely nervous and scared but Carlos was fantastic! Thanks also to his dental assistant!.”

“The fact that I have a mouthful of healthy teeth at 73 admittedly not all natural pays testament to the dental care received over more years than I care to remember from this excellent practice. It is never going to be a pleasure visiting the Dentist but the Ewood Dental practice does goes out of its way to welcome and reassure me as a patient. Long may I and it continue.”

“I am a new patient at Lancashire Dental Surgery in Blackburn on Accrington Road. I had an appointment earlier today with Dentist Imran Uddin? At 11am
I had a tooth extraction carried out along with a filling. To say I am a nervous wreck when it comes to dentists following my past bad experiences I have to say I did well. But that is all thanks to my Dentist. From the point of my consultation to my appointment for the procedure I felt totally relaxed and was reassured. My experience was great, the procedure went without a hiccup. The Dentist talked through the procedure and gave me a clearer insight on the damage sugar causes to teeth. I feel I am now equipped to changed my ways and cut out sugar where possible.
I also felt receptionist staff were very welcoming and communicated well with customers. On this same day, an older frail patient came into the clinic, this patient stated she had hearing impairment. Staff were very warm and friendly towards this lady.
My overall experience here has been great!”

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