Have a Tooth-Friendly Halloween with Ewood Private Dentist!

The Halloween celebration is lots of fun but there are some rules to follow to make sure that there are no complaints of toothache the next day. Make sure that your children’s teeth are all treat and no trick with our handy, healthy Halloween hints!

Childrens Teeth

Trick or Treat?!

  • Set a time limit on how long you’re going to be out and stick to it. Trick or treating should form only a small part of the celebrations – the longer you’re out, the more the ‘goodies’ will pile up! Take a small container along and stop when it’s full

  • Make it clear right from the start that there is going to be no bingeing. Allow your child a few treats and save, share or otherwise get rid of the rest. Out of sight often means out of mind once the excitement of the event has passed

  • If you’re going to be handing out treats yourself, consider giving non-food items. These could be toys, stickers, pens or books – just make sure it ties in with the spooky theme!

Party Time!

  • Host a Halloween party at home – if you can stand the noise! That way you can be sure of exactly what your child is eating and you can hand out party bags afterwards, each with a small share of the trick or treating booty. Make sure that treats are given after a hearty, nutritious Halloween meal

  • Apples are one of the fruits that have the least negative impact on teeth as they have such a high water and low sugar content. Drop the fruits in a bucket of water (new clean water for each player!) for a classic game of Halloween apple-bobbing but make sure you have plenty of towels on hand! You can also try tying apples to string and hanging them from the ceiling – the winner is the one who can eat the most in a set time. Oh, did we mention that there are no hands allowed?!

  • Tell a spooky story all about teeth! Lots of Halloween nasties – werewolves, vampires and monsters – are renowned for their big, powerful teeth so it’s a great way to get them talking. Perhaps they can tell us what kind of toothpaste Dracula uses or whether the werewolf howls at the moon because he is in pain with toothache!

Sleep Well and Don’t Have Nightmares!

  • Before bed, make sure your child brushes their teeth properly.

  • Don’t forget to leave half an hour after eating before brushing

  • Now it’s adult time and all the ghosties are gone. Or are they…?!

Have a happy, healthy Halloween from everyone at Ewood Private Dentists and Orthodontists!

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